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Everyday Kolam Rangoli in chalk, Design 31

daily kolam rangoli design in chalk

This rangoli starts with a triangle in the center. Another triangle to make a star. Double the line lines around the star. Twin leaves come next. Flower petals in a double line. Tendrils in the center of the petals. Leaves with double outline, tendril in center. Done in moist coloured chalks.

Everyday kolam rangoli design in moist chalk, 29

Everyday Kolam rangoli design

How I made this rangoli?

Starting with a square like shape in the center. The corners have a petal like twist. Each successive line is larger and pronounces the shape further. Finish with flowers in the four corner-centers.

A japi hat handicraft from Assam

Japi hat, Assam

This picture was taken at a hotel in Jorhat, Upper Assam. The woven hat is embellished with Japi work.

Assamese gold jewellery in Japi style is another piece of art from this part of the country.

And not to miss the three kinds of handmade silk popular with locals: Pat, Eri and Mooga. Eri is the only traditionally vegetarian silk or ahinsa silk. Eri silk is crafted by tribals in Kerala too. Mooga is a natural golden silk which improves with age, and is family legacy.

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