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Mhara ghat maa viraajataa Shrinathji – a Gujarati bhajan from Pushti Sampraday

This is a Gujarati bhajan, invoking the presence of Shrinath ji (Krishna) in one’s  life. Realising the grace and presence of the Lord and surrendering to the beloved through Bhakti-yoga.

It is a popular song in the Vaishnav Pushti Sampradaay, which was established by Mahaprabhu Vallabhacharaya about 500 years ago.

The chief deity of Pushtimarg is Shri Govardhan Nath ji (the name is shortened to Shrinathji or Shriji, with love). Shri Govardhan Nath ji was found by Vallabhcharya ji at Govardhan Hill, near Vrindavan (district Mathura), and moved to Nathdwara in Rajasthan some years later.

Mewar na Srinath ji - video


Gujarati Lyrics

Ame bhareli najru rakho mewar na srinathji
Darshan aapo, dukhara kato, mewar na srinathji

Charan kamal ma sheesh namaami, vandan karu srinathi
Daya kari ne bhakti dejo, mewar na srinathji

Hu dukhiyaro taare dwaare aavi ubho srinathji
Ashish dejo, ur ma lejo mewar na srinathji

Taare bharose jeevan naiya haanki rahya srinathji
Bane sukaane paar utaaro mewar na srinathji

Bhakto tamaara kare vinanti, saambarjo srinathji
Muj aanganiye vaas tamaaro mewar na srinathji

English Translation

Keep your sight on me, Srinathji who is stationed at Nathdwara temple in Mewar. Please show yourself to me. Free me from a unhappy state of mind.

Bowing at your feet which are the colour of pink lotus blooms, I pray for devotion.

In a state of sadness, I have come to your door, please take me in your heart.

The boat of my life I steer with faith. If you so please, help me reach the bank, the destination in life.

As your devotee, I ask of you, please pay attention to my request - "Please come and live in my house, and make it yours.

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