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राम जी के भईले जनमवा चलहौ करि आई दरसनवा A Sohar song from Ayodhya by Malini Awasthi

अवध में बाजे बधईया, कौसल्या के ललना भये

नौमी तिथि, अति सीत न घामा, कौसल्या के ललना भये

राम जी के भईले जनमवा, चलहौ करि आई दरसनवा

रानी कौसल्या पलना झुलावै, देखि के बिहसै बदलवा

चलहौ करि आई दरसनवा...

राम जी के भईले जनमवा, चलहौ करि आई दरसनवा

This is a beautiful traditional folk song from Ayodhya (Awadh) and Varanasi in India. It belongs to the category of songs called ‘Sohar’. They are sung to celebrate the birth of a child in the family. Srimati Malini Awasthi has sung this song for a TV show.

Jhoolan song from Vrindavan by Malini Awasthi, झूला धीरे से झुलावो बनवारी, अरे सांवरिया

झूला धीरे से झुलावो बनवारी, अरे सांवरिया|

झूला झूलत मोरा जियरा डरत है,

लचके कदमिया की डारी, अरे सांवरिया|

अगल बगल दुई सखियां झूलत हैं,

बीच में झूलें राधा प्यारी, अरे सांवरिया|

This beautiful folk song from Vrindavan, thousands of years old, mentions the Kadam tree which was once in abundance in Vraj. The swing mentioned in this song is on a Kadam tree, which in the rainy season is laden with round, deep yellow ball like flowers. The fruit is eaten. It was also a natural ball used for playing ball games by Krishna and friends.

This big shady tree with large leaves and millions of yellow golden balls is a pretty sight by itself on Indian roads again, thanks to the forest department’s tree planting drive in recent years.

Ram Navmi folk song by Malini Awasthi, with Lyrics

राजा दसरथ जी के घरवा, आज जनमें ललनवा

जनमें ललनवा, जी जनमें ललनवा,

राजा दसरथ जी के घरवा, आज जनमें ललनवा |

राजा दसरथ मोहर लुटावें, सोना लुटावें

अरु लुटावें देखो गैया,

आज जनमें ललनवा

राजा दसरथ जी के घरवा, आज जनमें ललनवा 

पण्डित आवें, रसिया बिचारें

जुग जुग जीवें ललनवा,

आज जनमें ललनवा

राजा दसरथ जी के घरवा, आज जनमें ललनवा

नौमी तिथि आज सीत न घामा,

भये प्रकट दीनदयाला

राजा दसरथ जी के घरवा, आज जनमें ललनवा |

Vande Maataram song by Padmashree Malini Awasthi वंदे मातरम

शुद्ध सुंदर अति मनोहर मंत्र वंदे मातरम,

विश्व विजयी शत्रु विजयी मंत्र वंदे मातरम,

वंदे मातरम, वंदे मातरम।

मंत्र यह है, तंत्र यह है, यंत्र वंदे मातरम,

ओजमय बल-कांतिमय सुख शांति वंदे मातरम,

नाड़ियों के रक्त में बहता है वंदे मातरम,

वंदे मातरम, वंदे मातरम।

जेल में हो तो जपो यह मंत्र वंदे मातरम,

बेड़ियों को ही बजा कर गाओ वंदे मातरम,

बोल दो सब आज वीरों मंत्र वंदे मातरम,

वंदे मातरम, वंदे मातरम।

तीर, गोली तोप की है आन वंदे मातरम,

तीर बर्छी के लिए है ढाल वंदे मातरम,

वेग से सिर भी कटे, भूलो न वंदे मातरम,

वंदे मातरम, वंदे मातरम।

Padmashree Malini Awasthi

Invitation for Maha Shivratri 2015 Celebration at Art of Living Ashram, Bangalore

"When you sit and meditate, you are in the Shiva principle. And that Shiva principle is truth, benevolence and beauty. These three things together form Shiva." - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Mahashivratri is an annual celebration at the Art of Living International Center in the presence of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Sanskrit chants from the Vedas create a meditative and joyous aura in the place, overflowing with meditators.

mahashivratri 2015 art of living ashram

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Meaning of Diwali

“A single lamp is not enough, and we have to light the lamp in every field. Let the light shine on spiritual, social, financial and all other fields -- this is the message for Diwali." Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, founder of The Art of Living, greeted people with this message during Diwali celebrations 2010. He also mentioned that Diwali is a time to start afresh, "While involving in daily activities, we do get upset with each other, we get upset and we make others also upset. But how long can you burn in that fire? Diwali is a time to drop everything and start afresh. That is why in this region, Diwali is immediately followed by the New Year. So, on this occasion my wish for everybody is to have the light of wisdom and spirituality in their lives, and the waves of joy keep rising in all hearts." Diwali or Deepavali is the festival of lights in the Indian subcontinent. Greeting each other and singing with each other, we light the lamps on Diwali and celebrate.


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