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Vrindavan bhajan for Sri Radha Rani

मेरे गिनियो ना अपराध, लाड़ली श्री राधे

मेरे गिनियो ना अपराध किशोरी श्री राधे

१. जो तुम मेरे अवगुन देखो, तो नाही कोई गुण हिसाब, लाड़ली श्री राधे

२. अष्ट सखी और कोटि गोपिन में, उनकी दासी को दासी मैं, लाड़ली श्री राधे

    वहीं लिख लीजो मेरो नाम, लाड़ली श्री राधे

३. माना कि मैं पतित बहुत हूं, हौ पतित पावन तेरो नाम, लाड़ली श्री राधे

    किशोरी मेरी श्री राधे, लाड़ली श्री राधे, स्वामिनी श्री राधे

Feeling grateful for the oral traditions of India :) My heritage.

God is one but the names are many, forms are many

God is one but the names are many, forms are many. Shiva-Shakti, both are one. Ardhanarishwara is one; half woman and half man, Hari hara is not two it is just one; half is Hara and the other half is Hari. Everything is one and there is only one God 'Bhagavanta'

~ Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Be clever like Radha – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Radha Krishna, Pahari School of Art

Krishna means the most attractive . . . It is the divinity that is the most attractive; the energy that pulls everything to it. Krishna is the formless center which is everywhere. Any attraction from anywhere is coming only from Krishna. Often people fail to see the spirit behind the attraction and merely hold on to the outer shell. And the moment you try to possess the shell, you will see Krishna has played a trick and you will be left with an empty shell in your hands and tears in your eyes.

Be clever like Radha - don't be tricked by Krishna. Krishna could not escape from Radha, for her whole world was filled with Krishna. If you can see that wherever there is an attraction, there is Krishna; then you are Radha, you are in your center.

The mind moves towards beauty, joy and truth. Krishna tells Arjuna, "I am the beauty in the Beautiful, the strength in the Strong, the wisdom in the Wise." In this way he arrests the mind from moving away from him.

~ Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Radhe Albeli Sarkar bhajan by Gaurav Krishna Goswami of Vrindavan

Bhajan Lyrics

कर दो, कर दो बेड़ा पार, राधे अलबेली सरकार

राधे अलबेली सरकार…

बार बार श्री राधे, हमको वृंदावन में बुलाना

आप भी दर्शन देना, बिहारी जी से भी मिलवाना

यही है बिनती बारंबार More...

Kishori Kuch Aisa Intazaam Ho Jaaye, Radha bhajan by Gaurav Krishna Shastri Goswami

Bhajan Lyrics

किशोरी कुछ ऐसा इंतज़ाम हो जाये

हो, ज़ुबां पे राधा राधा राधा नाम हो जाये

हो इंतज़ाम हो जाये, इंतज़ाम हो जाये

हो राधा नाम हो जाये, राधा नाम हो जाये More...

Raag Multani by Pandit Jasraj, Sakhi Kanha bin kachhu soojhat naahi

सखी, कान्हा बिन कछु सूझत नाहीं…

कित वे मुरली, कित कदम्ब की छैया…

Says Radha Rani to her companions, ‘Without Kanha, I am listless… Where is his flute, where is the shade of the Kadamb tree where he played upon the flute?’

कित वे पीत वसन, कित वे त्रिभंगी, नयन कछु ना दीखत सखी

Where are his yellow garments. Where is Krishna, who stands in a tribhangi pose. I don’t see him. More...

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