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Jhoolan song from Vrindavan by Malini Awasthi, झूला धीरे से झुलावो बनवारी, अरे सांवरिया

झूला धीरे से झुलावो बनवारी, अरे सांवरिया|

झूला झूलत मोरा जियरा डरत है,

लचके कदमिया की डारी, अरे सांवरिया|

अगल बगल दुई सखियां झूलत हैं,

बीच में झूलें राधा प्यारी, अरे सांवरिया|

This beautiful folk song from Vrindavan, thousands of years old, mentions the Kadam tree which was once in abundance in Vraj. The swing mentioned in this song is on a Kadam tree, which in the rainy season is laden with round, deep yellow ball like flowers. The fruit is eaten. It was also a natural ball used for playing ball games by Krishna and friends.

This big shady tree with large leaves and millions of yellow golden balls is a pretty sight by itself on Indian roads again, thanks to the forest department’s tree planting drive in recent years.

Ram Navmi folk song by Malini Awasthi, with Lyrics

राजा दसरथ जी के घरवा, आज जनमें ललनवा

जनमें ललनवा, जी जनमें ललनवा,

राजा दसरथ जी के घरवा, आज जनमें ललनवा |

राजा दसरथ मोहर लुटावें, सोना लुटावें

अरु लुटावें देखो गैया,

आज जनमें ललनवा

राजा दसरथ जी के घरवा, आज जनमें ललनवा 

पण्डित आवें, रसिया बिचारें

जुग जुग जीवें ललनवा,

आज जनमें ललनवा

राजा दसरथ जी के घरवा, आज जनमें ललनवा

नौमी तिथि आज सीत न घामा,

भये प्रकट दीनदयाला

राजा दसरथ जी के घरवा, आज जनमें ललनवा |

Vande Maataram song by Padmashree Malini Awasthi वंदे मातरम

शुद्ध सुंदर अति मनोहर मंत्र वंदे मातरम,

विश्व विजयी शत्रु विजयी मंत्र वंदे मातरम,

वंदे मातरम, वंदे मातरम।

मंत्र यह है, तंत्र यह है, यंत्र वंदे मातरम,

ओजमय बल-कांतिमय सुख शांति वंदे मातरम,

नाड़ियों के रक्त में बहता है वंदे मातरम,

वंदे मातरम, वंदे मातरम।

जेल में हो तो जपो यह मंत्र वंदे मातरम,

बेड़ियों को ही बजा कर गाओ वंदे मातरम,

बोल दो सब आज वीरों मंत्र वंदे मातरम,

वंदे मातरम, वंदे मातरम।

तीर, गोली तोप की है आन वंदे मातरम,

तीर बर्छी के लिए है ढाल वंदे मातरम,

वेग से सिर भी कटे, भूलो न वंदे मातरम,

वंदे मातरम, वंदे मातरम।

Padmashree Malini Awasthi

Meet Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in Lucknow and Naimisharanya, 1,2,3 March 2015


Meet Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji in Lucknow on 1 March 2015, 5-9pm. Includes Dinner.
Starts: 03/01/2015 5:00PM
Ends: 2015-03-01:00.000 Duration: 04:00
Jalsa Resort, Khurdai Bazar, Sultanpur Road,
Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

Call Tanuj Narain: 9335927200 for your entry pass

The Art of Living is a volunteer-based NGO with centers in 156 countries.
21st Km Kanakapura Road

Sri SRi Ravi Shankar visiting Lucknow and Naimisharanya

Yagya with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji in Lucknow on 2 and 3 March 2015, All day. Join the ceremony for world peace, health and prosperity.
Starts: 03/02/2015 08:00AM
Ends: 2015-03-03:00.000 Duration: 18:00
Sri Ved Vyas Dham, Naimisharanya, District Sitapur,
Naimisharanya, Uttar Pradesh

Entry Fee: Rs 0

For any more details, please Call: 9151100000, 9415120304, 8765957227, 9839224341

Accomodation is available for outstation guests for a nominal fee.

Mahanarayan Yagya is being performed by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji to pray for peace, health and prosperity for the whole world. You are welcome to be a part of this prayer ceremony with Vedic chants in Sanskrit, including the Rudra Abhishek and Rudra Homa.

Naimisharanaya has the ancient seat of Maharshi Ved Vyas ji, who organised the Vedas and wrote the most famous Srimad Bhagwat Purana, and Bhagwad Gita. Naimisharanya has ashrams of many sages and Chakra Teerth.

The Vaidic Dharma Sansthan Trust works for the advancement of religious and spiritual education, irrespective of cast, creed, language and religion. We also promote the Indian culture and educational heritage and undertake projects to promote social, economic, cultural and spiritual development of people at large with a holistic approach.
Ved Vigyan MahaVidyaPeeth, 21st Km, Kanakapura Road,

Peacocks, Birdwatching for Urban birds in Lucknow, India

peahens india (1)

I clicked this picture from my balcony in Lucknow, last winter. Peacocks and peahens don’t mind our home in the dense green surroundings. They sit on my rooftop at times, and even come to feed on the roti served for birds that are more frequent in visiting my balcony: warblers, babblers, mynas,the lone coucal, pairs of pink flecked doves and crows.

In this picture the peahens and peacocks are sitting on a neem tree, laden with the Giloi (Amruth, Guduchi) climber.

I feel so lucky that Peacock, the National Bird of India, lives so close to me.

Kabir Nirgun song by Malini Awasthi with lyrics, Jara Dheere Gaadi Haanko More Ram

जरा धीरे धीरे गाड़ी हांको मोरे राम गाड़ीवाले, जरा हल्के गाड़ी हांको मोरे राम गाड़ीवाले

या गाड़ी म्हारी रंग रंगीली, पहिया लाल गुलाल

फागुन वालो छैल छबीलो और बैठन वाले दाम

जरा हल्के गाड़ी हांको मोरे राम गाड़ीवाले

देस देस का वैद बुलाया, लाया जड़ी और बूटी

जड़ी़ और बूटी कुछ काम ना आई, जब राम के घर टूटी

चार कहार मिलि उठायो, दु‍ई काठ की जोड़ी

ल‍ई जा मरघट पे रख दई और फूंक दी‍ए जस होली

जरा हल्के गाड़ी हांको मोरे राम गाड़ीवाले

The poem is written by Saint Kabir who was born in Varanasi.

Chaiti song by Malini Awasthi Chadhat Chait Chit Laage, with lyrics

चढ़इल चैत चित लागे न बाबा के भवनवा

बीर बमनवा सगुन बिचारो

कब हु‍इहैं पिया से मिलनवा

चढ़इल चैत चित ��ागे न बाबा के भवनवा

Chaiti is a folk genre in Indian music from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar.

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