Jo nar dukh mein dukh nahi mane, a message for spiritual seekers

Guru Tegh Bahudar's Shabad renderd by Shrikant Bakre

A message for spiritual seekers from Sri Guru Granth Sahib:

जो नर दुख में दुख नहिं मानै।
A person who does not wallow in sorrow and does give undue importance to sorrow,

सुख सनेह अरु भय नहिं जाके, कंचन माटी जानै।।
Who is not craving for happiness, and is not afraid; who knows gold and mud to be the same in essence,

नहिं निंदा नहिं अस्तुति जाके, लोभ-मोह अभिमाना।
Who is not influenced by criticism or praise; who is free of greed, attachment and an egocentric approach to life.

हरष शोक तें रहै नियारो, नाहिं मान-अपमाना।।
Who is not disturbed by joy and sorrow, respect and insult

आसा मनसा सकल त्यागि के, जग तें रहै निरासा।
Since he has no craving for fulfillment of desires, he wants nothing from the world and its people;

काम, क्रोध जेहि परसे नाहीं, तेहि घट ब्रह्म निवासा।।
Who does not have even a spec of craving and anger, in such a person the divine consciuosness of Brahm is evident and manifest.

गुरु किरपा जेहि नर पै कीन्हीं, तिन्ह यह जुगुति प���छानी।
By the grace of a Sadguru, a person discovers the technique to do so.

नानक लीन भयो गोबिंद सों, ज्यों पानी सों पानी।।
Guru Nanak has dissolved in Govind (God) just as water mixes with water. He has become one with Govind. [Aham Brahmasmi]

~ Guru Teg Bahadur


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