Braj ke dohe, sawaiya, 46 of 144


विछुरे पिय के जग सूनो भयो, अब का करिये कहि पेखिये का।

सुख छांडि के दर्शन को तुम्हरे इन तुच्छन को अब लेखिये का॥

‘हरिचन्द’ जो हीरन को ब्यवहार इन कांचन को लै परेखिये का।

जिन आंखिन में वह रूप बस्यो उन आंखन सों अब देखिये का॥४६॥

A Krishna devotee-poet of Vrindavan, Harichand says: When my beloved Lord is not visible, the world looks empty…now what is there to do or see? After seeing your bliss-giving presence, nothing else is more worthy of been seen.

After wearing diamonds, what is the point of inspecting pieces of glass?

The eyes which are blessed with your sight, have no need to see anything else anymore :-)

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