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Sri Sri Natural Farming and Home Gardening workshop in Vikaspuri, Delhi

Sri Sri Natural Home Gardening Program

The Art Of Living presents
Home Gardening Workshop

  1. Natural Gardening can save our planet, health and enhance our mental wellness.
  2. A guaranteed formula to deal with child development
  3. Gau based farming prevents neurological diseases and maintains hormonal balance.
  4. It prevents numerous harmful diseases and keeps depression at bay.
  5. Learn to grow chemical free vegetables in your terrace,balcony and home garden in this unique 3 day workshop
  6. Learn how to make Panchgavya based Natural fertilisers and pesticides with practical trainings

Date: 7 - 9 August 2018
⏰ Time: 10:30am-1:30pm
Location: 867 Vikas Kunj, Vikas Puri, New Delhi.

Address Link:

Prior registration is necessary
Pay TM- 9811910947
•Atithi- 9811910947
• Anjali- 9711494449
• Namrata - 9868746179
• Parvatha- 9312432444
• Madhumita- 9873666127
• Savita- 9871369357
• Dr Rita- 9811972909

Join us for our future generations

Jhoolan song from Vrindavan by Malini Awasthi, झूला धीरे से झुलावो बनवारी, अरे सांवरिया

झूला धीरे से झुलावो बनवारी, अरे सांवरिया|

झूला झूलत मोरा जियरा डरत है,

लचके कदमिया की डारी, अरे सांवरिया|

अगल बगल दुई सखियां झूलत हैं,

बीच में झूलें राधा प्यारी, अरे सांवरिया|

This beautiful folk song from Vrindavan, thousands of years old, mentions the Kadam tree which was once in abundance in Vraj. The swing mentioned in this song is on a Kadam tree, which in the rainy season is laden with round, deep yellow ball like flowers. The fruit is eaten. It was also a natural ball used for playing ball games by Krishna and friends.

This big shady tree with large leaves and millions of yellow golden balls is a pretty sight by itself on Indian roads again, thanks to the forest department’s tree planting drive in recent years.

Jyoti Envirotech in Lucknow


Lucknow’s first Municipal Solid Waste Treatment Plant at Shivri will soon have a wide belt of trees to improve surrounding area’s air quality. Jyoti Envirotech, the NGO that is already collecting garbage from 57 out of 110 wards in Lucknow will be planting trees to ensure good air quality at Shivri.

Jyoti Envirotech will also need to process the leachate (waste moisture) use it within the treatment plant for sprinkling during composting. Else, the leachate would be harmful for surrounding environment, and should not be thrown outside premises.

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