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Invitation for Rudra Puja every Monday morning at Art of Living International Center, Bangalore

"The effect of Rudrabhishek is it creates positive energy and removes negative vibes" - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Rudra Puja takes place every Monday morning at the Art of Living International Ashram, Vishalakshi Mandap or Yagyashala.

rudrabhishek at art of living bangalore ashram india 3

rudrabhishek at art of living bangalore ashram india 4

rudrabhishek at art of living bangalore ashram india 2

rudrabhishek at art of living bangalore ashram india 1

If you are wondering what is Rudra Puja, Click Here..

Rudra Puja is the most ancient, continuing form of prayer for the well being of the whole universe. It comes from the Rig Veda in India. It is chanted in Sanskrit.

Peacocks, Birdwatching for Urban birds in Lucknow, India

peahens india (1)

I clicked this picture from my balcony in Lucknow, last winter. Peacocks and peahens don’t mind our home in the dense green surroundings. They sit on my rooftop at times, and even come to feed on the roti served for birds that are more frequent in visiting my balcony: warblers, babblers, mynas,the lone coucal, pairs of pink flecked doves and crows.

In this picture the peahens and peacocks are sitting on a neem tree, laden with the Giloi (Amruth, Guduchi) climber.

I feel so lucky that Peacock, the National Bird of India, lives so close to me.

Simple kolam rangoli design in chalk, 27

Simple kolam rangoli design in chalk

How to make this rangoli?

I made a small triangle like shape and made a petal like shape while reversing the chalk to draw the next arm of the triangle. All the other lines are repeating the action, the whirls getting bigger each time. In the end I made an outline to limit the design, and added a white rose in the center.

Garden landscape ideas, 1

Zen along the Ganges

These stones are drilled through the center and stacked with rebar running through the center. Though this picture is not what I saw at the banks of River Ganga, near Shivpuri (15 km from Rishikesh in Uttarakhand) as our raft turned a bend in the river, the stone pillars built like the ones in this picture were amazing, as they stood out against the mountainside and wild flora, with a temporary camping site by its side at a height of 50 ft from the river level. 

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